Cool Facial & Spot Treatments

Cryotherapy Facial & Localized Treatments

The Cryo Penguin is a sophisticated unit that delivers intense, local dry/cold gases to specific areas on the skin to produce various physiological health and beauty benefits.

Cool Facial sessions are limited to 10 minutes per session, 1 per day.  Spot/localized cryotherapy sessions are dependent upon area being treated.


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Cryotherapy Cool Facial & Spot/Localized Treatment

During the Cool Facial and localized cryotherapy sessions, a cooled air stream is gently dispersed over the face or over a localized area of the body, resulting in constriction of the blood vessels in the superficial layers of the skin, forcing the blood to flow into deeper tissues.  After the session, the skin begins to warm causing the blood vessels to vasodilate.  The stimuli of the constriction and dilation of the arteries result in fresh oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood to the superficial tissues and cells.


  1. The session will close the pores on the skin through a biological process called vasoconstriction.
  2. Vasoconstriction forces the blood to flow to deeper tissues.
  3. After the session, the face begins to warm and the skin begins to vasodilate.
  4. Vasodilation of the blood vessels brings oxygenated and nutrient-rich blood to the surface level.
  5. Continued sessions stimulate the production of collagen and provides a radiant glow.


  1. Local cryotherapy draws blood flow to the superficial layers of the skin and helps to target areas that need healing.
  2. A cooled air stream is gently dispersed over a localized area on the body, resulting in constriction of the blood away from the superficial layers of the skin. Whereas, vasodilation begins to occur within deeper layers of the underlying tissue.
  3. The stimuli produce constriction and dilation of the arteries resulting in fresh, oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood to the cells.


  • stimulates collagen production
  • minimizes fine lines and wrinkles
  • tightens skin and reduces pore size
  • treats and soothes eczema, psoriasis, acne and contact dermatitis
  • triggers hair follicle stimulation and growth



  • can treat specific areas: knee, feet, back, hands and neck
  • reduces joint and arthritic pain
  • decreases soreness and inflammation of targeted area
  • activates natural regeneration for muscle and joint repair
  • blood is enriched with enymes / anti-inflammatory nutrients
  • nerve signal transmissions are slowed, resulting in pain relief
  • promotes healing of targeted areas and speeds recovery
  • speeds post-operative surgery healing and reduces swelling

Cool Facial or Localized Cryotherapy

Has not received Botox to the treating area within the last 72 hours, cold allergies, Raynaud’s Phenomenon, impaired circulation, peripheral vascular disease, peripheral arterial disease, open wounds, local infection, bleeding disorder, and fever.  If you have any other injury, illness or medical condition, you should consult your physician prior to using a Cryotherapy Facial or Localized Cryotherapy.

Precautions: Sensitive and/or thinning skin, rheumatoid conditions, healing wounds and body piercings.

Risks include, but not limited to: allergic reaction to extreme cold (rare), anxiety, activation of some viral conditions (cold sores) etc. due to stimulation of the immune system. One primary inherent risk of a Cryotherapy Facial or Localized Cryotherapy is skin sensitivity and skin irritations. It is impossible to predict how client’s skin will reach during or after cryotherapy.

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